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Outdoor Folding Ring Spiral Ground Anchor

★ Our steel anchors come in 8", 10", and 16"
★ They feature a spiral design for easier installation
★ The folding ring reduces the profile of the items to minimize obstruction
★ The orange color allows enhanced visibility
★ WARRANTY - 12 months
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Thinkwell Folding Ring Spiral Ground Anchor

are your go-to tool for versatile tie-down security, no matter the season. They are ideal for securing tents and canopies, outdoor furniture, landscaping items, swing sets, and children's play equipment. Keep tarps or covers in place over boats, ATVs, campers and RVS for protection from the elements. Storm preparation is a breeze, when you need to anchor outdoor items to prevent damage and increase safety. They're lightweight and rugged, making them easy to take camping, to the beach, or anywhere secure ground anchoring is needed.

Our ground anchors are available in multiple sizes for any application. 

The spiral design makes anchor relocation and removal easy. The anchor is made of cold, rolled steel for durability and strength. Whether you need to secure the kids play set or swing set, hold down that outdoor furniture that keeps blowing away, or keep the cover secured over that precious boat or RV this anchor is your answer.

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