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Oval Duplex Wire Rope Cable Crimping Loop Swage Sleeves

★ Material: All the products are made of aluminium
★ Feature: The aluminum sleeve can develop breaking strength of cable when fixing and transporting general purpose cable
★ Use: Just lock both ends of the guide wire by vise, pliers or compression tools
★ Application: We offer differrent size of crimping sleeves for you to apply on dog leashes, clothes lines and etc
★ Warranty:12 months
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Oval Duplex Wire Rope Cable Crimping Loop

Our aluminum Aluminium sleeves are a fast and economical alternative to splicing fiber rope eyes and connections. Aluminum fiber rope swage sleeves and manufactured with a thin wall design suitable for a wide variety of fiber ropes. Aluminum fiber rope swage sleeves are easily swaged with hand swaging tools. 

In order to achieve maximum strength on vinyl coated cable, please remove the vinyl coating from the cable in the area where the wire rope clip, sleeve, or button will be affixed. When selecting termination fittings for vinyl coated cable, select the fitting that is sized to the diameter of the cable, not the diameter of the coating. If you affix the termination fitting over the vinyl coating, the strength of the assembly will be greatly reduced.

Before using this tool, examine and ensure that the bolt and nut of the swager are tight.

Cut cable to the required length and lace the cable through the sleeve so that the end will still protrude after crimping.

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