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What Are the Maintenance Measures for the Lifting Chain?

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Among similar products, the lifting chain is divided according to the basic structure of the chain, that is, according to the shape of the components, the parts and parts interlocking with the chain, and the size ratio between the chain product series parts.

  • What is the launch of the lifting chain?

  • What are the maintenance measures for the lifting chain?

  • What is the reason for the lifting chain to slip through?

What is the launch of the lifting chain?

Class 80 chains are heat-treated alloy steel designed for high strength lifting and fastening applications. It is the most economical of the three chain types (Class 80, Class 100) for overhead lifting. Note that Class 80 chains are approved for overhead lifting applications.

It is tested throughout the manufacturing process to meet and exceed NACM, ASTM and OSHA specifications.

Our options include full cylinders for 80s chains, half cylinders for chains and footcuts for 80s chains, and fastening components. There are no minimum length or quantity requirements for the order. Class 80 accessories are also available by phone from our sales team. We also offer a full range of Class 80 slings.

lifting chain

What are the maintenance measures for the chain?

1. After the sprocket is heavily worn, the new sprocket and chain should be replaced at the same time to ensure good engagement. You can't just replace a new chain or sprocket. Otherwise, this will lead to poor engagement and accelerate the wear of the new chain or sprocket. After the tooth surface of the hoist chain is worn to a certain degree, it should be turned upside down and used in time (relative to the sprocket used on the adjustable surface) to extend the service life.

2. The old lifting chain cannot be mixed with some new chains, otherwise it can easily cause bumps during transmission and break the chain.

3. Remember to add lubricating oil in time when the lifting chain is working. The lubricating oil must enter the appropriate clearance of the roller and inner sleeve to improve working conditions and reduce wear.

What is the reason for the lifting chain to slip through?

First of all, the tension of the 80-speed chain is not suitable, the chain is too loose when starting and cannot work well with the sprocket, causing a slip.

Secondly, if the initial speed of the lifting chain is too fast, this will also cause slipping, which should give the chain time to react;

Third, the installation of the 80-stage hoist chain is defective and can not interlock well.

It is obvious that the work of the lifting chain also requires a suitable adjustment scale and cannot be easily installed. They're related actions. Sliding of the chain causes the lifting chain to not rotate, which results in heavy objects not being lifted and normal work cannot be carried out.

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