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What Are the Precautions to Use Eye Bolt?

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Eye bolt is a screw specially designed for lifting. Its main function in the field of hardware and electrical machinery is lifting loads. According to the size of the specification, it can bear the corresponding workload, which is convenient for lifting the machine and equipment, without binding, and it is convenient and fast to install and lift.

  • What are the functions of eye bolt?

  • What is the heavy load limit for the eye bolt?

  • What are the precautions to use eye bolt?

What are the functions of eye bolt?

Eye bolts, like other screws, have different thread specifications, which are generally divided into metric threads and inch threads. To clarify the specification for use, the eye bolts have parameters such as cast thread specifications and maximum surface load during production. As a lifting tool, the use and installation of lifting eyelet screws should be carried out by professionals and strictly adhere to the operating specifications.

In addition to the above eyelets for lifting loads, there is also a sliding knot eyelet for small loads. Sliding knot lifting eyes have relatively small lifting holes and relatively narrow divisions and are suitable for lifting and pulling light and small equipment.

eye bolt

What is the heavy load limit for the eye bolt?

Here I teach you a universal formula, with which you can quickly calculate the maximum load capacity of the eye bolt.

According to material mechanical analysis:

1. Calculate the cross-sectional area of the screw according to d=24mm;

2. Check the machine manual depending on the material of the screw to find the allowable breaking stress of the material.

3. Finally, multiply the cross-sectional area of the screw by the allowable breaking stress of the material, and the result is the maximum allowable load, that is, the maximum load-bearing capacity.

What are the precautions to use eye bolt?

1. Select the appropriate eye bolt according to the requirements, do not exceed the rated load, the rated load is engraved on the rotating ring;

2. Tap the screw holes on the workpiece to install the eye bolt vertically on the workpiece surface. Thread holes should be drilled down to prevent the upper particles from expanding when the ring is rotated;

3. The surface of the workpiece must be smooth so that the ring disc is in full contact with the surface of the workpiece and there can be no gap between them.

4. Do not install seals between the ring discs and the workpiece surface;

5. After the eye bolt is installed, the side of the U-bolt of the eye bolt must not touch the hanging object or other objects;

6. When lifting, apply the load at a constant speed and gradually increase the strength. Do not apply shock or vibration loads.

7. Regularly check the screws and tighten them at the torque recommended by Iron Man, redefine the torque and tighten it again if necessary.

8.Special screws and nuts must be used to rotate the lifting ring; The rotating ring is not suitable for full load high speed rotation.

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