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Professional Manufacturer in Forging Parts,Offroad Recovery Gear Accessories since 2011.
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Company Annual Meeting

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Qingdao Thinkwell Hardware&Machinery Co.,ltd is a leading supplier in the lifting industry,including rigging hardware,pole line hardware,trailer towing part,marine hardware,etc. We strive to providing high standard quality products and 24-hour online service to global customers.
     The THINKWELL was born in 2002, the first successes started when it as a forging factory only , supplying hooks,shackles,etc.   The revolution of THINKWELL has been started since 2011, which changed to be an Integrated companies, have a right to operate import and export trading business by themself. Till now, our factory covers an area of 10000 square meters.It has 3 work shops, 1500T/1000T/630T/400T/300T/160t friction forging machines, rolling machines,blasting equipment, and the most advanced electric screw presses . Working staff is more than 210, included 10 professional technicals and 4 QC,10 international sales consultants,we served for the global marktes, where is     customers' demands.
THINKWELL, leading the fine way .


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