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  • Nucleic acid testing for more than 10 million people in Qingdao
    Nucleic acid testing for more than 10 million people in Qingdao

    In response to Qingdao government's call to ensure the health of employees, our company conducted a nucleic acid test on October 12, and the test results were all negative. Qingdao has set three "5-day records" in the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic

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  • COVID-19

    The products of our store are well-designed and very user-friendlyYou can buy the premium quality goods at a fair price. Our company cares about the clients and never lets them down. We are the constant participants of different social and technological researches. Our goods have a great number of d

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  •  Company Annual Meeting
    Company Annual Meeting

    Qingdao Thinkwell Hardware&Machinery Co.,ltd is a leading supplier in the lifting industry,including rigging hardware,pole line hardware,trailer towing part,marine hardware,etc. We strive to providing high standard quality products and 24-hour online service to global customers. The THINKW

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  • WHO(World Health Organization)
    WHO(World Health Organization)

    DALI Tools was established in Nanjing. After years of professional research and development, sales and sales of Chain Saws,Repair Tool, Power Tools, unique service charm and market share in China's tool field.

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