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Steel Wire Grip Cable Clamp Pulling Grip Hand Puller

★Adjustment for overhead power lines sag and tighten wire
★Adopted high quality alloy steel with forging forming
★Jaw parts by special heat treatment
★Light weight, small size, easy to carry
★Jaw with a safety device, to prevent the jump line of steel strand
★ Warranty:12 months
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Steel Wire Grip Cable Clamp Pulling Grip Hand Puller

· The structure is compact and strong, and the top core parts are made of high quality alloy steel, which is specially heat treated. It is light and portable.

· The resistance is strong, the bite is high, not easy to slip and deform.

· With delicate and smooth tongs, minimal damage to lead.

· The clamp mouth is equipped with anti-chip safety device, which ensures safety and no jumper.

· The design of the half-moon clip is suitable for all kinds of steel cables and cables.

· The application of the tensioning device is applicable to the electric power, the operation of the industry and agriculture, and the tightening of the rope line

· High quality alloy steel, special heat treatment

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