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Grade 70 Triangle Ring Chain Sling with Eye Grab Hook

★Grade: G70
★Surface: Zinc Plating
★ISO certificate;
★12 Months warranty
★More than 10 years o
  • Triangle Ring Chain Sling with Eye Grab Hook
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G70 Triangle Ring Chain Sling with Eye Grab Hook

Product Parameter

Item Chain with delta ring and hook
Material Alloy steel
Specification 5/16"*18"; 3/8*18", etc;
Standard ISO
M.B.L Tension 4 times WLL
Finished surface Zinc plated

Product Introduction

Transport Chain is a standard link grade 70 chain made using high-strength / low-alloy carbon steel. The process that gives high grade transport chain it’s strength is heat treating process. 

The combination of material and heat treating provides a more suitable chain strength for stabilizing heavy loads. 

Grade 70 chain is also known as transport chain or truckers chain due to its popularity in the cargo industry. 

The standard link, high quality chain is manufactured in a high-strength, alloy steel and is most commonly used as a tie down on trailers, but it's also used for towing, logging, safety, and oil rigging applications. 


●ISO certificated factory

●24 hours online service

●Sample could be provided within 3 days

●Bulk could be dispatched within 30 days

●Tentile test is necessary for each batch

gold or yellow Planting finish makes it easy to recognize and identify, which is particularly useful in over-the-road jobs where cargo is subject to inspections.

●Customzied individual packing and customized logo Available


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